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The Annual Student Archaeology conference series was established in 2013 with the aim of allowing students to share their innovative research and activities with one another and the wider discipline of archaeology. ASA believes strongly that integrating audiences allows a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the past. Students have traditionally cited a number of difficulties in attending conferences and being able to share their work with others. ASA would like to change that, and here's how...

The ASA conferences take place each year in September, offering current undergraduate and postgraduate students of any area of archaeology the opportunity to present a paper or submit a poster on their research, ideas or activities relating to the discipline. Sessions of each ASA conference are tailored to the submissions it receives from students so they are as relevant to attendees as possible.

Each ASA conference is organised by a committee of students at a UK university who host the event at their institution that year. They have full responsibility and creative control over the conference, which is an important responsibility yet fun and highly rewarding experience.

Applications to host the next ASA conference are held until September the year prior to it taking place. The winning applicant group of students is chosen by the National Committee - a group of annually elected student representatives for universities across the UK who oversee the overall direction of the conference series - based on the suitability of the skills, ideas and facilities justified in their online application form.

ASA is intended to be as engaging as possible, with a good blend of important research and enjoyable social events, and communication to wider audiences through social media and video. The prominence of ASA is growing with delegates attending from as far as Brazil and India, though it remains an ideal platform for any student, from those that have never presented before to those who have many times.

Further information on ASA and how you can get involved is available via the links below:
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