ASA1 - University of York

The inaugural Annual Student Archaeology conference was held at the University of York on 19-20 June 2013 and attracted 80 undergraduate and postgraduate students of archaeology and related disciplines from universities across the United Kingdom.

The theme of ASA1, and still ASA more generally, was "Developing Integrated Archaeology", based on the co-organisers' belief that an accessible platform is needed for students to share their innovative research and original ideas with one another and the discipline more widely. ASA1 was unprecedented in appealing to students of all educational levels, with speakers ranging from first year undergraduate to PhD, and all specialist interests and skills, reflected in six eclectic sessions.

The 24 papers presented at ASA1 are listed here.

ASA1 was as much a social occasion as it was an academic one. Find out about the various events and other details of the conference in the ASA1 delegates information pack, here.

What were the origins of ASA1 and the Annual Student Archaeology conference series? Find out here.

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