ASA2 papers

ASA2 is proud to offer students from a range of topics within Archaeology a chance to present their research to fellow students. The papers which will be presented at ASA2 between the 17th and 18th June 2014 are:

Session 1: Post Medieval Chair: Gareth Dennis

Parochial Pathologies: Osteological investigation of the Disarticulated Human Skeletal material of Saint Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London.
- Greer Dewdney, University of Sheffield

The symbolism of the malinalli in New Spanish Art. Interpretation of colonial artworks on the basis of archaeological researches.
- Daniel Prusaczyk, University of Warsaw

Out of sight; out of mind: Uncovering a hidden world through arborglyphs.
- Chantel Summerfield, University of Bristol

Session 2: Animals and Humans Chair: Charlotte Scull

The role of cats in Roman Britain.
- Sarah Gore, University of Leicester

Animals and humans in pre-Columbian rock art in Peru.
- Karolina Juszczyk, University of Warsaw

Between Humans and Animals: A brief study of syncretic images in Indian Shaktism.
- Durga Kale, Deccan College Post-Graduate Research Institute, Pune

Session 3: World Prehistory Chair: Tom Lawrence

A behavioural analysis of concurrent Middle Palaeolithic technologies: the Levallois/laminar relationship in north-west Europe (c. 300,000-75,000 BP).
- Christian Hoggard, University of Southampton

The effect of disease upon the social dynamic of the first sedentary populations in the Levant.
- Lee Waters, University of Reading

By North or by South: Nationalist identity and the peopling of Japan.
- Mike Perrin, University of Leicester

Session 4: Culture and Heritage Chair: Lee Gennings

The impact of the Middle East Conflict on heritage and the archaeological record.
- Tom Case, University of Reading

The Buddhas of Bamiyan: Their Art, Distruction and Memory.
- Fanny Steckel, University of Reading

Session 5: Bronze Age to the Classical World Chair: Mathew Britten

Egyptian Funerary Objects: When small pieces of painted wood tell a story.
- Charlotte Hunkeler, University of Sheffield

The way in which Thessalian natural wealth is represented on coins.
- Josh Kerr, University of Reading

Behind the Bronze: The Role of Metalsmiths in Bronze Age Cornwall.
- Matthew knight, University of Exeter

Session 6: Childhood in Archaeology Chair: Candace McGovern

Babies Suck: An analysis of the anthropology and archaeology of weaning.
- Tyler Mackie, University of Edinburgh

Important or not at all? The role of children in Inca Empire social structure.
- Weronika Tomczyk, University of Warsaw

Does a stressed child make for a stressed adult? An exploration of the relationships between non-specific childhood and adult health stress indicators in two Late Medieval English Populations
- Karen Courtney, University of Durham

Session 7: Medieval Chair: James Billson

Early Medieval Irish Crannogs.
- Charlotte Louise Howe-McCartin, University of Bangor

Anglo-Scandinavian stone sculpture: Power and religious syncretism in Viking Age England.
- Aleshia Bailey, University of Reading

Material culture and bioarchaeological data from an urban context of Rieti (Italia) around the middle of XIII century.
- Francesca Santini & Francesca lezzi, University of Sheffield

Session 8: Theory and Practice Chair: Will Attard

An investigation into air quality, thermal properties and living space of Neolithic building reconstruction.
- Briony Clifton, University of Southampton

Reading University Lithic's Database.
- Jess Headon & Greg Marshall, University of Reading

The importance of pots to archaeology: A case study from Malta.
- Nell Preston, University of Reading

Session 9: Roman Chair: Ami Atkins

Dwelling in Roman Ostia: Wall painting in the Private Houses of the Non-Elite in the 2nd and 3rd century Ostia.
- Renata Araujo, Universite de Paris

Locus Neminis: The forest in the Roman thought-world.
- Louis Leeves, University of Cardiff

Germania and Afghanistan: Two battlefields, apart on the globe, close in history.
- Felix Kotzur, University of Leicester

Session 10: Archaeological Science Chair: Connie Bateson

Multi-proxy reconstruction of past climate and environmental change in Poland during the Crusading Period.
- Heidi Babos, University of Reading

The examination of mummified skin for mummification process indicators.
- Rianca Vogels, University of York

A Reanalysis of Diet and Subsistence during Bed I and Lower Bed II of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.
- Ashleigh Wiseman, University of Edinburgh

Session 11: Issues and Debates Chair: Philip Smither

Playing with the past; a critical evaluation of gaming, extensional technologies and archaeology.
- Tara Copplestone, University of York

Greek legislation on archaeology and its reflection on landscape and tourist industry: The role of the archaeologist.
- Faidon Moudopoulos-Athanasiou, University of Sheffield

Hadrian's Wall as a Boundary: Ideas of national Identity and Popular Media.
- Rachael Sycamore, University of Durham

Download the general schedule as well as the sessions and paper titles:
ASA2 Events and Papers.pdf

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