Organising Committee

In June 2015 the University of Edinburgh hosted the 3rd Annual Student Archaeology conference (ASA3).

ASA conferences will from now on take place in September in order to be accessible to even more students. Applications have closed for groups of undergraduates and/or postgraduates to host ASA4 at their university in September 2016, though will open for ASA5 by next summer. All universities in the UK other than the last two hosts (this time Cambridge and Edinburgh) will be eligible.

ASA3 Organising Committee

All four organising members, Ülle Aguraiuja, Marta Lorenzon, Rachel Faulkner-Jones, Cindy Nelson-Viljoen are PhD candidates at the University of Edinburgh. We have a diverse set of interests within archaeology including artefact and architectural studies, environmental archaeology (sclerochronology) and osteoarchaeology/isotope analysis, as well as a broad range of geographic foci from the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe to South Africa and Scotland.

ASA3 organising committee

Ülle Aguraiuja's research focus is osteological and stable isotope analysis of Bronze Age human remains from Romania. Her approach focuses on paleodiet and intraskeletal variations in stable isotope ratios.

Rachel Faulkner-Jones is working on Scottish weaponry in the Bronze Age. She is particularly focusing on experimental and theoretical approaches to halberd forms and functions.

Marta Lorenzon is a Near Eastern archaeologist with a focus on architecture. Her PhD research investigates earthen construction techniques employed during Bronze Age in Crete through a geo-archaeological approach.

Cindy Nelson-Viljoen is a 2nd year PhD student and her research is focused on analysing seasonal shellfish use and occupation patterns of Late Stone Age inhabitants at Pinnacle Point, South Africa.

They are helped in organising ASA 2015 by staff liaison Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito and by Masters student Tom Gardner.

Tom Gardner is working toward his MSc (Research) at the University of Edinburgh on depositional sequencing and microfossil analysis within burnt mound studies at the Bradford Kaims. He is the student liaison for ASA 2015.

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